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The Home Inspector will normally have a checklist of items when carrying out the home inspection and come up with a report. This is a list of the areas that should be kept in mind during the inspection. When it comes to having the best home inspector please do your research and background of the inspector. Here at Tampa Home Inspector we are consider the number one buyers home inspection company in Tampa, Florida.


  1. Foundation
  • The base of the walls and ceilings in every room.
  • No obvious cracks or misalignments in the foundations
  • No trees whose roots may be encroaching on the foundation


  1. Grounds
  • Drainage is far enough from the house
  • No leaks from septic tank
  • No standing water stains
  • Driveway and walkway in good condition
  • Downspout drainage is directed away from the house


  1. Exterior surfaces
  • No rot, decay, cracking
  • Vinyl or aluminium siding – no dents, bowing, damage or loose siding
  • No vines on structure surfaces
  • No flaking or stain of paint


  1. Windows, Doors and Wood Trim
  • Secure with no cracks, rot or decay
  • Caulked joints around frames
  • No broken or cracked windows
  • Drip caps installed over windows
  • Door and window handles intact


  1. Roof
  • No curling, cupping, loss of granulation particulate
  • No more than two layers of roofing
  • When was roof last replaced
  • No decay or water stains
  • No decay, rotting, bending or sagging of gutters and no mud deposits
  • Straight, flashed chimneys with no damage


  1. Attic & Basement
  • No stains, decay or damage
  • Sufficient ventilation and insulation
  • No open electrical splices


  1. Interior rooms
  • Paint in good condition
  • Flooring
  • Adequate number of three-pronged electrical outlets per room
  • lights and switches work properly
  • Doors open properly
  • Wardrobes and cupboards in good condition
  • Fireplace in good condition with no evidence of back drafting


  1. Kitchen
  • Built-in appliances work properly
  • Adequate water flow in sink
  • No leaky pipes
  • Cabinets and drawers in good condition
  • No rust, stains or decay


  1. Bathrooms
  • Good drainage of sink and tub
  • No water stains or rust
  • Proper working of the toilet


  1. Plumbing
  • No leaks, stains. Pipes drain properly to septic system
  • Water pump does not short cycle
  • Acceptable good water test
  • Proper working of water heater
  • Hot water between 118-125 degrees Fahrenheit


  1. Electrical
  • Visible wiring in good conditions
  • Service panel with working fuses with no overheating
  • No aluminium cables used for branch circuits


  1. Heating/Cooling system
  • Operates properly
  • Clean air filters
  • No asbestos on heating pipes
  • No odor of combustion gas
  • No rust
  • Duct-work in good conditions
  • Separate flues for propane, gas, oil or wood, coal
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