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Wind Mitigation Inspection

Homeowners in Florida are urged to mitigate their houses against wind by adding features that will help them withstand major storms. These include:

  • Roof to foundation anchoring – this is reinforcing your home's walls to the roof to establish a continuous load path.
  • Water barriers – Sealing your roof deck or the layer between the insulating layer of the roof and primary structure.
  • Window and Door coverings – Adding shatter-proof windows and additional bracing for doors.
  • Reinforced concrete walls – These add onto the stability and rigidity of the walls
  • Gable end roof reinforcement
  • Hip roof
  • Wind rated garage door


For a more comprehensive list of resistant construction features, you can have a look at the Florida Standardized Form [1802 Report]. Florida Law stipulates that your insurance company provides you with discounts based on your submission of a Standardised Wind Mitigation Report. This is provided by your Local Inspection Company and is signed by the homeowner after the Home Inspection has been carried out. Wind Mitigation Inspection takes about and hour or two to be carried out by a Home Inspector and it is required that the homeowner is present to sign the form.


Why you should get a Wind Mitigation Inspection done on your home

  • If you take a storm insurance policy in Florida, it will account for about 70% of your total homeowner's insurance premium.
  • Without a Wind Mitigation Inspection Report, your insurance company will assume that your home was built with substandard construction practices that pose a high liability to them. They will use this as justification to charge you the highest possible premium for protection against wind storm. This classification sticks whether or not you have taken steps to mitigate your house against the wind and will only be revised when they receive a mitigation report.
  • You are eligible for a 10% to 45% discount on your premiums stated by law when you submit a Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form to your insurance company. This will depend on the number of wind mitigation fixtures you have added to your home.
  • Wind Mitigation Reports are valid for 5 years and are transferable. If you have just moved into your new home, check with the previous owner if he had a Wind Mitigation Inspection carried out and whether it is still valid.

With Tampa Florida Homes Inspector, we ensure that your Wind Inspection is carried out professionally. We provide you with a Wind Inspection Agreement to sign which spells out the work to be carried out, the cost of the work and any liabilities that may arise during or after the inspection.

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